Weiss Architecture Studio

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We’re a one stop shop for everything ecological and environmental

Australia Wide

From ERA applications, Ecological Studies (Flora and Fauna), Rehabilitation Plans, Landscape Design Plans, EMP’s, general Government / Client / stakeholder liaison and environmental offset negotiation and management to name a few. We also have a fully functioning construction / contracting arm and can implement on ground rehabilitation/re-vegetation and commercial landscape works to suit your specific needs..

ERA Applications
Logicenviro Have the Experience

…to prepare ERA’s to met the requirements of the relevant governing authority. Our detailed understanding of the EFA process and practices and the relevant government requirements, coupled with our on-ground experience enables us to assist our clients with this important stage in the development of their project.

Our clients recognise the benefits of engaging us to oversee this important phase and to ensure the seamless flow of information/ regulatory requirements for a cost effective development process.

Ecological Studies (Flora + Fauna)
Logicenviro’s Team of Expert Scientists

…are well versed in the preparation of Ecological Studies for both flora and fauna.

Whether you are building a new home, planning a residential subdivision, large-scale commercial development or major commercial industrial project, we offer a technically proficient team of consultants who will provide a robust report to meet not only your needs but the needs of the relevant regulatory authority/s.

Rehabilitation Plans
In Our Short History

…Logicenviro have developed a proven track record in the development of management measures for implementation during and post construction of a range of projects to meet relevant approval conditions.

Our RMP’s are prepared as ‘live’ documents which can be updated as or if required during construction of the project. They are, amongst other things, designed to:

  • Minimise area of overall disturbance
  • Create a stable landscape
  • Ensure rue vegetation and rehabilitation is undertaken in a timely manner
  • Preserve downstream environments
  • Ensure compliance with relevant approval conditions
  • Ensure compliance with commitments to undertake the EIS and SEIS
Environmental Offset Negotiation + Management
Logicenviro Have a Proven Track Record

…in managing the environmental offset negotiations for optimum results for all key stakeholders to a project. Offsets can be complex to develop and implement and a strong scientific basis must underpin the rationale for using offsets to enable a transparent and robust assessment of environmental impacts and to ensure offsets of equivalence. The process includes the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of performance of the offset/s. Logicenviro have the scientific skills and the experience to successfully manage the Environmental Offset Negotiation and Management process.

Government / Client / Stakeholder Liaison
The Logicenviro Team

…have garnered the experience necessary to be proficient in the management of the government-client-stakeholder liaison aspects integral to much of the environmental planning work they undertake. This skill is inherently important in the industry and is one of the cornerstones of the services provided to our clients.

Landscape Design
The Landscape Design Process

…includes the concept design stage, design development/ refinement and issuing of final designs.

All of our Landscape Designs are prepared by experienced landscape designers.

Landscape + Revegetation Works
Logicenviro Work with a Team of Skilled and Qualified

…Arborists, horticulturalists, environmental scientists and experienced labourers to provide complete revegetation packages. This service was recently added to our portfolio when the need was identified by several existing clients for the reliable provision of a complete, sustainable revegetation service.

Landscape + Natural Area Maintenance
Our Landscape / Natural Area Maintenance Crews

…are efficient and experienced in providing high level maintenance in a variety of situations. We pride ourselves in facilitating projects from concept through to completion and we believe that effective maintenance is essential in providing strong outcomes for our clients.